Thanksgiving party chill out£¡ Dec 1, 2013

It is glad for us that Thanksgiving Party was held as scheduled at 7p.m on 28th November, whose theme is ¡°Thanks£¬we are here¡±.For the sake of the success, We made elaborate preparations for the party, for instance, firstly, in order to attract more people to take part in us, we have drawn beautiful posters .Besides, we have propagandized our party in their classes and doms just to help have a better understanding of our party and promote them to join us. What¡¯s more, in order to run the party, let them have Guests feeling at home, we also tried to have a knowledge of what kinds of food they prefer to by way of welcoming them to put forwards their ideas about the party.
In this Thanksgiving night, dozens of international students took part in the grand party and they were free to dance, drink, chat with friends, play games and they had a good return memory of the party left. What needs to be stressed is that school teacher Miss Wei Meiting also attended the party and gave a lot of advice and supports.
The party was begun with dances made by our school students, which drawn the party more relaxed. What should be emphasized is a game called ¡°Drumming and Pass on Flowers¡±,during which someone should introduce himself as made us have a better understanding of everyone. At first, students were a little stiff, but after several rounds of the game, the atmosphere gradually run to be heat. And after self-introduction, the students began to enjoy our carefully prepared food, while they enjoyed the food they communicated which brought the whole party a happy scene. After people having enjoyed delicious food, the games came, during which, people actively participated in and really integrated into the one with students of the college.
What impressed us was the passion of dance and music which brought the party atmosphere to a climax. After a wonderful B-BOX, our free time was approaching. The students showed bright voice and they are generous enough to give perfect performances by singing the beautiful music. And Opening the prelude and dance was a hot dance, which also thoroughly lit the party atmosphere! Shortly after the opening of the party, the students and the students played one by one with a unique dance. However, the most impressive performance was the students strong rhythm Africa dance, with the music ,they twisted the body, and both inside and outside the field cheers were unable to disappeared.
Finally, with the sound of music, the party broken off, which, started in the cheers and ended in applause and thanks. Watching the international students leaving with smiles, hearing them to show thanks and praise, With their recognition, though we were we very tired ,we were still very satisfied with the success of the party.
Though the language barrier lived stably in us, but with the party, nothing could hinder our friendship. And on this Thanksgiving night, we harboured with a grateful heart, thanked this night, thanked each other, thanked the happy memories. I wish the international students can enjoy the warmth of home in China and harvest friendship£¬knowledge and happiness.



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